We are accepting new clients for boarding!

Boarding for well loved cats! At The Cat's Meow you won't find barking dogs or tiny steel cages. Our suites are designed and decorated with cat behavior in mind.  We only have 16 suites. This means we have plenty of time to spend with each cat daily, and every cat gets time out of their suite. No interaction is ever allowed between cats, cats are only allowed with their feline family members and  our staff. We are closed for pickup/ dropoff on Sunday, but staff is here caring for your cat every day. 

To Stay at the Suites:

  • Current rabies shot paperwork. Unvaccinated cats are not accepted. 
  • No sick, sneezing, or URI affected cats will be accepted. 
  • Bring their current food in a bag or small container .  We can feed the wet, dry or raw food you supply.
  • Pickup/Dropoff by appointment during regular business hours. No major holiday pickup/drop-off. 
  • All boarding appointments require a credit card on file. Cancellations within 48 hrs will be charged $50 per cat. Holiday Cancellations within 72 hours are charged 3 nights boarding.
  • Cats with medications are accepted with a trial visit before their stay to ensure we can give them their medication. We do not give any injections. Medication charge is $1 per administration either by mouth or in food. 

What's Provided:

  • Clean orthopedic fleece bedding with high sided beds
  • Clumping cat litter, scooped daily
  • Suite cleaned daily
  • Fresh water changed daily
  • Feeding your food on your cat's regular schedule
  • 15 minutes (minimum) per day out of their suite and in the Playroom with staff
  • Suite with perches, hammock, toys and scratching post
  • Daily scratches and cuddles
  • Bowls, litter pan, toys

Types of Suites for your cats:

 All suite sizes include Playroom time. Cats can stretch their legs with their family members, sit in the window, cuddle with staff, play on the large cat tree, or with interactive cat toys and the staff. There are treats, feathers, balls, dancer toys, and catnip ! 

     *15 minutes playroom time minimum included per night for every cat staying at The Cat's Meow.

     *$10 for an additional 30 minutes of playtime available daily.

Standard Suites

Our basic Standard Suite is half the size of our other options and the door is coated white wire which allows for ventilation and viewing. 4 shelves for lounging. 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, still larger than a majority of our competitors largest options. Fits one cat. 

  Pricing:   $36 per cat per night.

Deluxe Suites

 Deluxe Suites can house 1 or 2 cats from the same family. There are 8 varied size shelves for climbing and lounging. Solid walls with full glass doors, and secure wire tops for ventilation. These suites are 6.5 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide! Our most popular option. 

    Pricing: $48 a night for one cat, $70 for two cats from same family in same deluxe suite.


Just 3 of these beautiful suites are available. They can house 1 or 2 cats from the same family. Large suites set into a corner with 2 walls of tempered glass for excellent light. 5 large curved shelves with access holes allow for climbing and lounging, and the top is secure metal wire for ventilation. These suites are 6ft tall and 3.5 wide!

     Pricing: $55 per night for one cat, $77 for two cats from the same family in the same suite

Executive Suites